Sally Price: profile imageSally Price is an Edinburgh-based artist interested in material manipulation, the act of making and how we interact, react and relate to the physical properties of materials. The compulsive and cathartic nature of making and material exploration, and the impact of this personally, socially and environmentally, is something she explores in her personal work and socially engaged practice. She has worked with organisations across Scotland to plan and deliver projects centred around creativity, development and collaboration.


Image: Make Your Mark.MAKE YOUR MARK: A collaborative art installation built by local people celebrating the creativity and diversity of Muirhouse. Each ‘mark’ is a unique sculpture made by an individual from recycled materials, and collectively they represent a playful snapshot of a vibrant community.

Sally would like to thank everyone who Made Their Mark at North Edinburgh Arts, St Davids Primary School, and Eagle Lodge.

Make Your Mark is an Arcadeum production, facilitated by Sally Price and Hans K Clausen.

Image: ArtAnonARTANON: Sally Price is a founding member of this Manchester-based community arts group that curates collaborative events, workshops and projects centred around the joy of creative expression and social connection.